Preparing For Life

Home Visiting Programme

We know that having a baby can be the most wonderful experience. However it brings a lot of change and can cause stress from time to time. Our mentors are there to support parents by providing them with easy to use information to help make the best decisions for their baby. 

How does it work?

When you join one of our mentors will visit you every month with tip sheet information and activities based around child development and parenting. Visits take place in your home or elsewhere in a place of comfort and convenience within the community.

Your mentor will work alongside you from pregnancy up to when your child starts school and will help you make the best decisions for you and your baby. Our mentors are friendly and non-judgemental and respectful of your role as a parent. You may be asked to take part in short confidential evaluation surveys. You can choose whether to take part or not. 

What can I expect?

Your home visitor will bring along information about your child's development at the following stages: Pre-Birth, 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 yrs and 2-5 yrs.

The information will include: how to care for yourself during pregnancy and how to prepare for birth and labour. Bonding with your baby and setting up positive routines. Feeding and weaning and good sleep routines. As baby gets older we will cover playing and learning, language development and managing tantrums.

How do I apply for a course or get more info?

Please Call 01 211 6481 or Email

A testimonial from a Parent who took part in our Preparing for Life Programme:


My experience with SPECS has been amazing. I’m from Bray and never even heard about this service. I was referred from Holles street and one of my biggest concerns was that I’d struggle to bond with my little girl.

My care worker was Claire and she has come to my home every Tuesday since my little girl India was born (she’s now 4 months)
I had never expected to be a mum so I was extremely unprepared and knew nothing about how babies interact, picking up on their signals etc I never ever thought I’d say this but I actually love having Claire down every week, If I am struggling with something specifically like how to manage India’s napping or even tummy time, Claire will come down like Mary Poppins that week with a folder full of info. 

As someone who struggled with being a new mother, this service is without a doubt why myself and India have the bond we do today. Claire has been a rock in support system. The poor woman has seen me crying and laughing hysterically 
Last Tuesday, my daughter kept smiling at her and has come to know her now. I’m learning so much about how to bond with my baby and I know India is the happy, smiley, loving, giggly girl because of the time that Claire has given me.
If anyone is expecting a baby or even just recently had one, please please do yourself a huge favor and give SPECS a message. I can’t believe this service is free. And we don’t get instructions on how to be parents. It can be one of the loneliest times and to have that support is a luxury all mums (dads too) should have.
Thank you so much Claire for helping myself and India. You have gone above and beyond your duties! Especially with me 

All the best, Karla & India


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