Strengthening Families

The Strengthening Families Programme (SFP) is an evidence based programme with proven outcomes for families where parents and children/ teens learn together.


How does it work?


The Strengthening Families Progamme aims to:


  • Improve family communication

  • Increase children’s life skills including communicating, resisting peer pressure, recognising their feelings and solving problems.

  • Increase positive and effective parenting skills

  • Allow families to have fun together

  • Help families grow and learn together


It is a 14 week skill based programme which involves families learning and developing knowledge and skills which make them stronger, closer and able to cope with life’s challenges. It includes :

  • A family meal every week

  • A Parent Programme

  • A Childrens Programme (6-11) and/or Teen Programme (12-17) 

  • A Family Programme

  • Provision of Childcare for younger children if necessary 


Why Do We Do It?
The Strengthening Families Programme has been proven effective in a number of ways for families and children including :


  • Delaying the onset of adolescent substance use

  • Lowering levels of aggression

  • Increasing the resistance to peer pressure in youth

  • Increasing the ability of parents/caregivers to set appropriate limits and show affection to and support of their children


How do I join/get more info?


Please phone 01-2116481 or email



Unit 1, Brí Chualann Court,Bray, Co Wicklow

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