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Non Violent Resistance 

Are you struggling to cope with your child's aggressive behaviour? Our free six-week Non-violent Resistance (NVR) programme for parents and carers starts on 5th March and can help you to manage your child's behaviour


Parents Plus Early Years
We are currently planning our next Early Years programme. Please get in touch to put your name down for the next programme or to find out more. 


SPECstands for Supporting Parents and Early Childhood Services

It is a Bray Area Partnership initiative in the greater Bray area which takes a Prevention and Early Intervention approach to working with caregivers to improve outcomes for children. The SPECS initiative works with a range of agencies delivering a number of programmes that have been proven to improve outcomes for children and families. 

We believe every child should reach their potential and parents should be supported to help their child do so. Through a number of different initiatives we aim to support parents and practitioners to enable children to grow and develop.

Why should I get involved?

The programmes are designed to help make family life easier. If you feel you would like to learn other ways of dealing with conflict, stress or helping your child develop and learn please contact SPECS to talk about how you can do this. SPECS provides supports to parents FREE of charge.

Storytime and Mindfulness


Parenting Tips and Advice