SPECS Family Support Service  

now open to referrals

SPECS now have a family support service which will be focusing on working with parents of children from the ages of 7-12 years and will be there to support parents to build the skills necessary in their role as primary carers and educators for their children. Supports can be offered in a group or 1:1 setting and we have a waiting list open for 2 new supports with further details below.

Parents Plus Children’s Programme (parents of 7-11 year olds)

This is a 9 week free of charge programme which gives parents practical tools to deal with the struggles they are having with their child and topics covered include:


Topics Covered

  • Play and special time

  • Building children’s self esteem and confidence

  • Encouraging children’s learning

  • Managing misbehaviour

  • Problems solving/ talking problems through with children

How do I apply for a course or get more info? 

Please Call 01 211 6481 or Email specs@brayareapartnership.ie

Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) training (parents of 7-12 year olds)

This is a 8 week free of charge programme and the goal is to reduce conflict in your relationship with your child as well as strengthening the relationship. The main topics covered include:

Topics Covered:

  • Changing reactions to child’s behaviour and setting new ways to reaction

  • De-escalation skills to help parents stay calm in challenging situations

  • Develop the parent child relationship

  • Help parents identify other supports

  • Development of self-management and self-calming techniques

  • Support acts of reconciliation and random acts of kindness


If you would like any more information or to refer a family please contact Colleen:

Email: colleencosgrove@brayareapartnership.ie

Phone: 086 029 7445 



Meitheal is a national practice model to ensure that the needs and strengths of children and their families are effectively identified, understood and responded to in a timely way so that children and families get the help and support needed to improve children’s outcomes and to realise their rights.

Meitheal’s Defining Features:

  • Early identification and early intervention of need.

  • Promotes coordination of services provision to meet unmet needs.

  • Voluntary process

  • It focuses on developing a common language

  • Can be used with children aged 0-18 years.

  • Parent led/ parental consent is required.

  • Supported by standard documentation.

  • Outcome focused.


For more information about our Family Supports please

Email: colleencosgrove@brayareapartnership.ie

Phone: 086 029 7445