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SPECS stands for Supporting Parents and Early Childhood Services


SPECS is a Bray Area Partnership initiative funded under the Government’s Area Based Childhood (ABC) Programme. The ABC programme is funded by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) through Tusla Child and Family Agency. The ABC Programme invests in evidence-based early interventions that have been shown to improve the long-term outcomes for children and families living in less advantaged communities. 


SPECS is an initiative in the Bray area which supports the delivery of a range of early intervention and prevention programmes. It takes a Consortium approach to working with families and Bray Area Partnership are the lead agency. The main aim is to work with parents, schools and other agencies to improve outcomes for children from pregnancy through to school age. 

Why is SPECS important?

Every child should reach their potential and parents should be supported to help their child do so. Parenting can be hard, but through a number of different initiatives we aim to support parents to enable their children to grow and develop, hence improving behaviour, literacy and social and emotional outcomes. To find out more about what programmes are involved in SPECS click here


Where does SPECS work?


SPECS services run in the greater Bray area.


Who do we work with?


SPECS works with families and practioners from pregnancy right through to school age. Depending on the age of a child, SPECS provides a number of different supports. The programmes are designed to help make family communication easier and to learn practical ways of dealing with conflict, stress or helping children develop and learn. 

The vision statement for the SPECS initiative is:


 ‘To have strong local partnerships with the capacity and resolve to build and sustain more cohesive communities where all children are able to realise their full potential’.

Who We Are

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